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Water Use License Expire - What to do

According to the Department of Water and Sanitation, the following should be done:

The applicant must follow the procedures as stated in Section 41 of the National Water Act. 

The application is done electronically via the online platform of the Department of Water and Sanitation.

The applicant will be required to submit:

  • Water usage records (meter readings). (Installation of water meters is thus important)

  • The Association must confirm that the applicant complied with the water use license conditions.

  • The Association will need to confirm that relevant accounts are paid to date.

Public participation may not be required at this stage.


The applicant must apply to renew the license on the eWULAAS system before it expires to prevent further complications in the process.

Visit the eWULAAS web page here.

Expired licenses are for the CME to deal with.  If the applicant can prove that they tried to apply before the license expired, they will not be handed over to CME.  Proof of previous applications may also be requested.


Annual Midge Control Dates (Brief flow reduction periods)

Scheduled closure of the Great Fish River

The Department of Water and Sanitation regularly reduce the water flow levels of the Great Fish River, downstream of the Grassridge Dam in an effort to control midge propagation.

Note that the times indicated is in relation to the dam activity, the effect of the colure will reach downstream areas later than indicated.


Annual Dry Period

Scheduled closure of the Orange- to Fish river water transfer scheme

The Orange- Fish transfer scheme is managed an operated by the national Department of Water and Sanitation. The transfer scheme is closed once a year, normally during the months of May and June and for about 4 weeks. This is done to give the department an opportunity to do maintenance on the inlet works, tunnel and canal systems which cannot be done during other times of the year.

The transfer scheme provides water to irrigation farms, industry and households in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan, as well as the Cradock, Somerset East, Kirkwood and Lower Sundays river areas.


GFRWUA Internal Resolution

Water Use Entitlements remain on properties it is allocated to

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